Chael Sonnen wins controversial decision over Michael Bisping


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Chael Sonnen earns a title fight against Anderson Silva with a win over Michael Bisping Saturday night. Despite Sonnen taking the unanimous decision victory, it was Bisping who put on the more impressive performance. The Count used his counter strikes along with his ever improving take down defense to make for an extremely competitive fight.

Chael Sonnen is now expected to make the trip to Brazil to challenge Anderson Silva in one of the more highly anticipated rematches in UFC history. It’s a fight that many MMA fans want to see and Dana White needs to up the security in Brazil to ensure Sonnen’s safety. The championship bout is expected to take place in a soccer arena with more than 50,000 Brazilian fans.

Will Chael Sonnen die in Brazil? Will the nation of Brazil go into flames if the Champion is dethroned by Mr. Sonnen? Discuss MMA Burner Fanatics!

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2 Responses to Chael Sonnen wins controversial decision over Michael Bisping

  1. Matt Mc says:

    I’m not sure what would happen if Sonnen pulls of a win in Brazil. I believe that stadium would be filled with too many Silva fans for him to be safe.

    • mmaburner says:

      I hear ya man! Brazil might be the last place Chael Sonnen wants to be if he gets the victory. I will pray for him. Ha