MMA Burner Rankings – Middleweight Top 10

Rousimar Palhares
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One mixed martial artist who has been making waves in the UFC’s Middleweight Division is Rousimar Palhares. With a 7-2 record in the UFC including five wins by submission, Palhares is a scary opponent for any middleweight in the world. His world class submission skills certainly make him a viable threat to compete for a world title one day.

Rousimar Palhares will be a nightmare for any middleweight who is lacking a top notch ground game. His bone crushing submissions combined with an almost cartoon like physique should give him a great chance to climb the ranks in 2012.

Is Rousimar Palhares ready to take on the very best in the world?!? What do you think MMA fans?!?

10. Brian Stann
9. Luke Rockhold
8. Rousimar Palhares
7. Mark Munoz
6. Michael Bisping
5. Hector Lombard
4. Yushin Okami
3. Vitor Belfort
2. Chael Sonnen
1. Anderson Silva

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3 Responses to MMA Burner Rankings – Middleweight Top 10

  1. Jimmy P says:

    Dan Henderson? Or do you only count him as a light heavyweight. Really he could compete at middle, light, and heavyweight.

    • mmaburner says:

      Yeah I consider him a light-Heavyweight since his last middle weight outing didn’t go so well…

  2. Fight Freek says:

    Where would you put Alan Belcher seeing he recently beat Palhares?

    1.) Anderson Silva
    2.) Chael Sonnen
    3.) Vitor Belfort
    4.) Mark Munoz
    5.) Michael Bisping
    6.) Tim Boetsch
    7.) Yushin Okami
    8.) Luke Rockhold
    9.) Brian Stann
    10.) Alan Belcher
    10.) Ronaldo Souza

    - I go back and forth with #10

    - I’m waiting to see if Hector Lombard’s beats Tim Boetsch and really earn a top 10 spot