Nick Diaz tests positive for Marijuana following loss to Carlos Condit

Nick Diaz

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Nick Diaz is one of the most intriguing fighters in the UFC and he continues this trend with a positive test for Marijuana confirmed by Keith Kizer, head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Check out Kizer’s email to the media at

Nick Diaz will likely be suspended and forced to pay a hefty fine. There is no doubt this is disappointing for any Diaz fan, but for anyone who has followed his career it should not come as a surprise. As difficult as this may be to understand, it is likely Mr. Diaz will continue with his enigmatic ways.

Will Nick Diaz ever get his shot against Georges St-Pierre?!? He’ll have to worry about not getting cut by UFC officials first and foremost! What do you think, MMA Burner Fans?

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4 Responses to Nick Diaz tests positive for Marijuana following loss to Carlos Condit

  1. jimmy says:

    Do not cut him….I wanna c diaz fight George
    LOL ass kicking……

    • mmaburner says:

      Agreed. I would be so disappointed! Definitely one of the best and he always puts on a fan friendly fight! War Diaz!

  2. Vanny says:

    I’m pretty late on this, but I don’t think he should get cut. Marijuana doesn’t give any beneficial effects towards fighting.

    • mmaburner says:

      Agreed with you 100% If anything it would hinder his performance IMO and he has a marijuana medical card. His Lawyer made an excellent case of why he shouldn’t be punished at all…You should google the court case…