The Unfair Criticism of Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit

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The Natural Born Killer, Carlos Condit, has long been considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. Condit combines a beautiful blend of kick boxing, bjj, muay thai and boxing. It is his flawless technique that has him on the cusp of greatness as he is awaiting his shot at welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. That fight, of course, is to unify the welterweight title and the interim title Condit won in February in a controversial win over the enigmatic Nick Diaz.

This fight was very controversial because many people, mostly Diaz fans, were complaining that Condit did nothing but run away the entire fight while Diaz was moving forward the whole time. I’m sure Diaz’ face and legs would disagree with that notion. According to fight metric, Condit outlanded Diaz in total strikes 159-117, significant strikes 151-105 and total effectiveness 306-274. Let’s make something perfectly clear, the right man won that fight. A lot of fans have┬áthis misconception that walking forward and being the aggressor is enough to win a fight. With that way of thinking, Leonard Garcia is now undefeated. Also, let’s stop comparing Clay Guida’s performance against Gray Maynard to that of Condit’s against Diaz, that’s just ridiculous.

It’s simply unfair to say┬áthat Condit is now a boring fighter, or that he is too passive, that he doesn’t have that killer instinct. To counter that I will give you his stats. Condit started his career 23-4, with all 23 wins coming by some form of stoppage. His record is now 28-5 with 13 T(KO)s, 13 Submissions and only TWO decision wins.

All the criticism of Condit is totally unjustified. Condit is an extremely gifted fighter capable of ending a fight in an instant. Have we all forgotten his comeback from two rounds down against Rory Macdonald, whom he stopped with seven seconds to go? How about his crushing left hook KO against Dan Hardy? What about my favorite one of all, his flying knee and punches TKO against Dong Hyun Kim? On top of all this fans are now criticizing Condit for choosing to wait for a fight with GSP who is recovering from a major injury, instead of defending his interim title. The man has a chance to make the biggest payday of his entire career. Did he not earn the right to wait for the champ by defeating Nick Diaz for the interim belt?

Let’s face it, if it weren’t because Condit defeated Diaz in the manner that he did, no one would be complaining that he chose to wait. I’ll let the complaints be made while I sit back and enjoy such an exceptional fighter in Condit. I’ll leave you guys with one last thing. I guarantee that one of two things will happen when GSP and Condit finally meet. Either Condit will drop a boring decision to GSP or he will finish the champ. What makes me think that Condit can finish GSP? Because that’s what a Natural Born Killer is capable of!

Fight Fans Sound Off: Is Carlos Condit being unfairly criticized?!?

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13 Responses to The Unfair Criticism of Carlos Condit

  1. Matt says:

    “Is Carlos Condit being unfairly criticized?”


  2. Fantastic Dan says:

    I absolutely agree with what you’re saying here. Condit played an almost flawless game plan against Diaz, who is more than a handful on the feet and let’s not even discuss what he can do to people on the ground.

    That begin said, I do have a critique of the interim champ. The reason for any belt system in fighting, be it undisputed or interim, is for the champion to continually test himself against contenders.

    With GSP having been out so long, I think the time has long past for Condit to defend his interim belt against the litany of contenders at 170 pounds, especially Martin Kampmann who already owns a victory over the champ.

    By now, GSP should be ready to face Condit soon and the welterweight contender pile-up is finally clearing up with Kampmann vs Hendricks all in the same card.

    So, I guess my ramblings have no point by now. But what I’m trying to say is that a champ is supposed to defend his belt. And, the way I see it, if Condit had been unable to defend the belt, be it against Hendricks, Kampmann, or any other welterweight in the UFC, then he probably would not have fared that much better against GSP.

  3. Stanley Birkla says:

    I don’t think its unfair, his “flawless” gameplan was about as exciting as watching old people make out. He let me down. It almost feels like he lied. He built up a reputation as being a fierce fighter. He talked like he was a badass even saying he would be a soldier if he wasnt a fighter…blah blah blah. When when he got a chance to prove he was awesome, he ran.

    • Karlo Sevilla says:

      “… about as exciting as watching old people make out.”

      Ah, it depends on the senior couple you’re watching. ;-p

      I’m still giving Condit the benefit of the doubt. He could’ve been trying to finish Diaz while fighting intelligently, intended to KO his opponent with any of those landed strikes. But, when was the last time Diaz got stopped? Answer: A long Nov.-10-2007 ago, to K.J. Noons, a TKO that wasn’t necessarily due to him getting dazed and unable to fight back, but due to doctor stoppage due to multiple forehead cuts.

    • Fantastic Dan says:

      So, how would you fight Nick Diaz?

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  5. The Condit/Diaz fight was a great fight. I think Nick Diaz won it but that’s all irrelevant. My criticism is in fact his decision to wait. If he were simply declared the number one contender, by all means let him wait for his title shot. But he’s not the number one contender he’s the champion, and he will be defending his championship against GSP just as much as GSP will be defending his title against him. I criticism a champion for waiting for a specific challenger when there is a log jam of contenders in the division.

  6. izzys_mma_input says:

    Excellent point by Karlo. Diaz hasnt been stopped in nearly 5 years and that was due to cuts. Going toe to toe with Diaz is extremely foolish and anyone that does is bound to be stopped due to the volume punching of the Stockton native. Did we forget what happened to Daley? Paul hurt Nick and yet couldn’t stop him. Condit fought Diaz exactly like he was suppose to. It is ridiculous to think or to expect every fight to be a brawl. Fighters always say that they are going to go to war, it happens all the time. Remember when Rumble Johnson told us that he would brawl with Dan Hardy and then proceded to wrestle him for the majority of the fight? Look, Condit has 28 wins with 26 coming by some form of stoppage. He owes us nothing. He has already proven to be an elite fighter. As for fans being mad about him waiting instead of defending consider this. After Diaz blew his first shot at GSP he was given a fight with Penn. After beating Penn he went on a rant about GSP. He made the champ mad and the next thing you know Condit is “Stepping Aside” so that Diaz can fight GSP. Did anyone consider that the reason the UFC is not forcing Condit to defend his title is because the UFC owes him for that? As a fan, I want all titles to be defended but I totally get why Condit is waiting and is allowed to do so. Remember this as well, Condit wanted to fight Kampmann to avenge that lost. In reality Condit isn’t hurting anyone. He is going to fight GSP and Hendricks can fight Kampmann to see who the true #1 contender is. It’s really not that big a deal. I really appreciate all of the comments and I respect all of your opinions. Thanks guys!

  7. wilford says:

    of course its fair.

    you said it yourself, he is a killer with a bad ass record who goes into finish. he never fought like this ever… when has Carlos leg kicked and moved back. be clear, he never came close to even looking interested in trying to end the fight.

    how can land the most leg kicks in history and not slow down your opponent? you think Diaz has super legs? these where not Jose aldo leg kicks. look what happens when he kicks your leg for five round.

    Carlos fought to win but he fought like a bitch. uncharacteristic of his usual style. I could not defend him to my friends after hyping him up to them prefight. if he keeps this stlyle he will lose all respect of mma fans and dana will shit-can Prelims before getting cut.

    • Fantastic Dan says:

      And I pose the same question to you, how would you fight Nick Diaz?

      All this criticism over just one fight.

    • How does GSP do the same shit for years and becomes the most watched fighter in the sport but Condit does it one time and everybody hates him?

      I liked the fight. I guess it was just me.

  8. hb says:

    Diaz won. I like both guys quite a bit.
    Condit’s a SPECTACULAR fighter with an incredible record of finishes.
    That fight, he fled and he lost. Call that brilliant game-planning if you like.