Brandon Vera versus Ryan Bader, anyone?

Brandon Vera

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If the light heavyweight main events of UFC on Fox 4 last Saturday night were an Olympic tournament, then Brandon “The Truth” Vera and Ryan “Darth” Bader would be facing each other in the repechage round for the bronze. (And, just to rub on the Olympic’s theme some more, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida “won the gold” and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua “settled for silver” – as far as President Dana White is concerned.)

Vera wore his heart out on his limbs, on their hard places: knuckles, elbows, knees and shins. Whereas many thought that it would be Rua by blowout, everyone ended up blown away by the unexpectedly much tougher and exciting fight that transpired in the Octagon.

Vera toughed and bloodied it out, dishing out his own punishment for three rounds, till he perished to the more powerful inflictions of Rua in the fourth round. Both fighters valiantly dueled out a bloody gruel, till the inevitable and literal fall of one.

And it was Vera, who landed and laid face down on the canvas after receiving a couple of punches sparked by a staggering Rua left hook. Sweetly ironic, though, that The Truth has redeemed himself in the eyes of the roaring fans, with his gallantry and fighting skills – in spite of another loss by stoppage.

Many even believe that though he lost last Saturday night, it was the best Vera ever! Even superior than the Vera-on-a-hot-winning-streak years ago. (Ask Mr. White.)

Bader, on the other hand, was significantly a lot less spectacular in his own defeat, likewise a KO loss, in the hands of Machida.

Darth was in the dark throughout and never figured out how to penetrate The Dragon’s puzzling defense, and got hit by well-timed and pinpoint kicks in the first round. Ultimately, the Ultimate Fighter winner was dropped by a punch that crashed on his head, when he blindly rushed in with his own straight right in the second stanza.

Still, both vanquished fighters were so close in getting a shot at the UFC light heavyweight belt – if only their respective hands were raised instead of their opponents’. And, if that was the case, it would be Dana’s call on who the more impressive between the two would vie for the title.

Didn’t happen. But, if the two fighters face each other before this year’s end, who do you think will take it? Who will stand on the lowest level of the winner’s podium?

Today’s article was written by Karlo Silverio III Sevilla.

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