MMA Burner – BJJ The Renzo Way

Tony Norton (Poet and Striking Coach for 3DMMA of Porth SouthWales) and Pat Boerner team up to write a rap about BJJ Legend Renzo Gracie.

Hey Homie Let’s pay Homage to Renzo Gracie
He’s the bomb – The biz- out of NYC
Jiu Jitsu sick yo – like you wouldn’t believe
Cha Cha Cha Churning out the champs from his acadmies
We’re talking Dudes like Frankie Edgar and GSP
Renzo is da MD of da UFC
And it’s BJJ The Renzo way

He’s the man, the motion, the one with the plan
Favourite with the fighters and favourite with the fans,
He’s hard as nails Gi or No Gi
He just flows on the mat like Mercury.
BJJ All the Way
BJJ The Renzo Way

His tat ta ta technique cannot be beat,
Be it on the mat, in the cage or on the street.
All his guys are trained up to clinical effect,
His words of wisdom command a respect,
No word of a lie let me tell you Bro
Its the god damn truth when they say that Renzo knows!

So homie when you hear the name Renzo Gracie,
You gotta know you’re dealing with Royality
Cause when he’s Tweetin He’ll be Beaten Thugs off the Streets
Cleaning up the city with Jiu Jitsu Feats
BJJ is here to Stay Folks
BJJ The Renzo Way

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